Thaxted Park’s golf academy caters for people of all abilities and ages. The academy has been setup to maximise everyone’s enjoyment and learning. All lessons and clinics are run by the clubs PGA professionals.


At Thaxted Park we have prided ourselves on leading the way in junior development and encouraging female participation. Our programs are run in conjunction with the national program MyGolf.


Clinics run for 75 minutes and consist of a light stretch, the fundamentals of the game and some light fitness exercises which are very similar to a yoga or Pilates class.


The Junior academy’s structure has been designed to provide juniors with the necessary skills and knowledge to help them build confidence and develop their golf game. Once joining the academy juniors will progress through different stages of development. These are:


(Age 6 – 13)

The Cadet program is for those looking to start playing golf. Juniors will develop key fundamentals and build good foundations while learning the basic skills, etiquette and safety. A great way to start to find a love for the game.




(Age 10 – 16)

The Rookie program will take the foundations learnt in the Cadet stage and develop them further. There will be an emphasis on improving their technique and build confidence through target based games and on course scoring. This stage has a large focus on getting juniors ready for tournament play.


(Age 12 – 18)

The Master program is the final stage in the Academy’s junior development. At this stage Juniors will begin refining their technique, learn more about course management and pre shot routines. This stage will have juniors ready to play pennant and state golf events.

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Academy Coaches

Cody Sherratt

Cody Sherratt

PGA Professional

Started playing the game at 13 years of age at Thaxted Park
Began on a Hcap of 22.
I really enjoy helping people improve their golf game whether it be a Beginner or more advanced player, also I enjoy the social aspect of the game.
Hobbies- Going to Crows games, Fishing, Watching movies, Running, Going out for Brunch.
Josh Groom

Josh Groom

Trainee PGA Professional

Started playing at age of 13 years
Had a Hcap of 35 to begin with
Loves the challenge of trying to beat the golf course and the competition side of the game
Hobbies- Watching major sports events, Going to the movies, Taking pride in his hair, Spending time with his family.

Matt Liebeknecht

Matt Liebeknecht

PGA Professional

Started playing golf at the age of 10 at Thaxted Park.
Began the game with a HCap 32.
Loves to teach the game of golf and enjoys getting a chance to meet new people on a daily basis.
Hobbies- Basketball, travelling, spending time with family, spoiling his wife.